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An Important Message from the Canadian Dental Association

We are a modern, full service Dental Clinic.   In addition to using the safest, most modern digital technologies, we provide the full range of dental service from cleaning to implants.

We provide cosmetic services like whitening and veneers and are able to provide custom sports safety mouth gear and anti-grinding sleep apparatus.

Most importantly, we get to know our patients and learn about their health and dental needs to ensure you get the best and most appropriate services you require.

Based on the research we do have, flossing is an effective, inexpensive and safe method for cleaning the hidden, hard-to-reach, parts of your teeth.

Set realistic goals.  Clean all surfaces of your teeth daily, but don't feel too guilty if you miss once in a while.  The goal of a clean mouth is more important than how you reach that goal.

Do your best with your brushing, flossing and other measures to clean all surfaces of your teeth and gums.

Seek your dentist's and dental hygienist's advice and discuss with them any oral health news items that you come across in the media.  They will give you the best personalized advice for your oral health.